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  • 2015 at Jones Pipes

    Ladies and Gentlemen, 2015 at Jones pipes is here (yes I know it’s already late February. Don’t try and tell me you never procrastinate). The purpose of the following few paragraphs is simply to let those interested know what has been occurring in my pipe making career, and give some idea of what the future holds.

    As many of you know, in July of 2014, I began working as a full-time pipemaker at Smokers’ Haven in Columbus, Ohio, responsible for helping create the “Chheda” brand pipes they produce on location. Chheda pipes, though to this point in time, a limited production, are some of the highest grade pipes in the world. Having had the ability to handle pipes from all over the world since my employment, I can say this with confidence.

    For now, I’m still learning many of the fundamentals of what it takes to make a world class pipe, but I’ve already completed dozens of pipe here at the Haven that meet the quality standards of what it takes to be a “Chheda” pipe.

    This is great news for Jones Pipes. You will notice that the last few pipes I produced in 2014 and the pipes that I will produce in 2015 demonstrate a much higher attention to detail than the pipes I produced in the past. The one downside to this arrangement is that I have only a limited amount of time to make Jones Pipes. You are likely to see fewer Jones pipes in the future, but those that are produced will be of impeccable quality. Expect some alterations of my pricing and grading structure to reflect this.

    For now, if you’re curious about what I’m up to, please follow me on Instagram, or hop over to and look at the latest Chheda Pipes. Odds are, I’ve made what you’re looking at. For those who have commissions with me currently or would like to commission a pipe in the future, please be aware that the wait time for a Jones Pipe has increased significantly. Rest assured I’ll fill all my commissions, but it is much longer than my past average of two weeks.

    I also plan on attending many of the pipe shows this year, so please, come over and introduce yourself if you see me. I love getting to know other pipe enthusiasts.

    Until our next encounter I wish you the most pleasant and peaceful of smokes.