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  • Jesse Jones Pipes Available at Finest Briar


    It is only April and I already have more great news from Jesse Jones Pipes. will now be offering my pipes to the public. Founded on the love of classic shapes, Finest Briar brings you the timeless and practical shapes of the English classics made by many of the world’s top artisans including Chris Askwith, Chris Asteriou, and K. Anastasopoulos. If you love classic shapes you have got to check out

    When I was initially contacted to supply pipes to Finest Briar, I was excited that there would be an entire website devoted to English classic shapes, and I was honored to be one of the four initial carvers chosen. The aforementioned artisans contributed a lot to my love of quality classic designs. Of course I agreed to work with them wholeheartedly .

    In my mind, there is a gap in the market between mass produced classics and the artisan interpretation thereof. Most classics are turned in factories on huge machines in bulk. The fine details are often ignored; they simply slap a stem in the pre-turned bowl, sand it, buff it, and call it good. One the other hand, artisan carvers painstakingly attend to every facet of a pipe, from polishing the tenon and shank face, to meticulously hand finishing and refining the lines of the pipe, but because the classic shapes are “simple,” artisans often feel that they can’t express themselves by re-creating them. Factories already turn them out en masse and they would rather work on their reverse calabash, jumping blowfish things.

    As a result, few classics are represented in the typical artisan carver’s portfolio. Yet for the consumer with an appreciation of these timeless shapes, and a love for the attention to detail on artisan pipes, there are few pipes that meet both of their standards. This is a pity, and if you ever have the opportunity to pick up a factory turned pipe and a replication of the same shape by an artisan, I encourage you to do so. Not only are the aesthetic differences enlightening, but so are the smoking characteristics.

    Please check out Finest Briar. They’re focus is truly unique in the pipe world, or at least to my knowledge. They also offer free shipping worldwide and secure payments. I am proud to be working with a group of folks who share the same love of the English aesthetic as me, and I hope you pay them a visit.