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  • 2014 at Jones Pipes

    Happy late new year from Jones Pipes! Those of you who frequent my website might be speculating about my recent inactivity. Let me assure you that I’ve been far from dormant. In fact, I’ve been so busy filling commissions I have not had any time to post new product on the website since Halloween. I’ve made about 10 pipes since October all of which have been spoken for. For the most part I have kept the pictures updated but have neglected to post on this blog for quite some time. I hope to change that this year. There are a plethora of topics about which I could speak. On my mind lately has been the increasing number of fads in the pipe community (the reverse calabash and the nose warmer being two of them), the dramatic increase in artisan carvers, what it would really take to make pipes full-time, and whether or not there is a so-called “pipe bubble.” My plan is to speak about each of these subjects at some length on this blog. That should engage those of you who require the constant stimuli of the digital age if there are any extended periods of time in which I have no pipes to offer.

    Other than posting in the blog more frequently I have other big plans this year as well. My goal is to participate in the Kansas City pipe carving contest again this year. The theme for 2014 is the billiard. Because I pride myself in my classic designs I really hope I have a shot of placing in the contest this year. I also have a goal of attending several more pipe shows throughout the year, including Kansas. Meeting with fellow pipe smokers and building relationships with them is something I can do easily at pipe shows and it is also something I truly enjoy. Finally, I’ll have an important announcement to make sometime in February so make sure you watch your emails for my newsletter.

    If you absolutely cannot wait for the next blog post or the next newsletter, you can always follow me on Instagram @jessejonespipes. There I post photos several times a week of what I’m currently working on. You’ll have the opportunity to view works in progress, offer comments on designs, and maybe even reserve products before they hit the website. To give you an example of the kinds of things I post, here’s a photo I put up in late December.

    Thanks to all of you who helped make 2013 a great pipe making year for me. I know 2014 will be even better, and I hope to serve you in the future.