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  • Happy Halloween from Jones Pipes!

    Happy Halloween to all. I hope you have been enjoying the changing of the seasons. I personally love autumn and winter. Time seems to slow down from the rapid bustle of the summer. It gives one time to sit, contemplate, and enjoy a good pipe while nature goes into hibernation.

    And speaking of pipes, I have quite an update for you all this evening. I have been very prolific this last week and so I have added a bevy of new Jones pipes to the website. And we have variety as well: a squat bulldog, a bent diamond shanked billiard, and how could I forget the first Jones Halloween pipe, which just so happened to be the 31st pipe I completed in 2013. In total there have been five new pipes added to the site, although several are reserved for customers.

    I'd also like you guys to notice the improving quality in my product. I've started dailing in my stem work, improving my polish, and creating more balanced yet classic compositions. I really am trying to get you guys the absolute best pipe on the market for your money. So if you've been on the fence about a Jones pipe, now would be a great time to jump in.

    2013 Jones Halloween Pipe